September 24th, 2010

Level-5 and Takumi working on new "Gyakuten" game?

That's right, folks. I did say "Takumi" and "new Gyakuten game" in the same sentence.

Some days ago, it was announced that Level-5, studio responsible for the Professor Layton, Dark Cloud and White Knight Chronicles series (and Dragon Quest VIII and IX), was collaborating with Capcom on a mystery project. Now, because of the ambiguity of the announcement, it went almost unnoticed. But not anymore.

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Jiro Ishii, Level-5 staffer and creator of "428", the Japan-exclusive Wii visual novel (which, BTW, got a 40/40 score from Famitsu), is pretty active on Twitter. So much, that he was recently Tweet-chatting with Jin Fujisawa, director of Dragon Quest IX, and suddenly, one of Mr. Ishii's tweets contained the following statement:

Jiro Ishii wrote:
Huh? Oh, "Gyakuten XX". I’m making it, with Takumi-san!

And if you read "Gyakuten" and "Takumi-san", you're obviously reading about Shu Takumi, creator of the Ace Attorney series.

What does this mean for us, exactly? Well, one thing's for sure: Mr. Takumi is working on a new game with the word "Gyakuten" on its title. Of which we'll probably hear more soon.

People, feel free to hype the fluff up. And speculate, of course.

Edit: Ishii has published a new tweet, where he denies that he's working on anything but "Time Travelers", a Level-5 game.

JapaneseGIRL wrote:

Jiro Ishii denied a relation with Gyakuten Saiban.

He said, "Just so there's no confusion, I am making only "Time Traverers", now."


Really a misunderstanding, or a silenced slip-up? Only time will tell.

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September 18th, 2010

Last Window is out! Buy it!


I know you're all still excited over TGS, but don't forget that Hotel Dusk's sequel, Last Window, is now out in Europe! To celebrate I've done some updating to WHAT A!?, CR's mini Kyle site, to include Last Window characters and information. It still has a few bugs that need to be worked out such as the gallery being down, and there are SPOILERS on the timeline page, but if nothing else, take a listen to the soundtrack (provided by our friend Bolt Storm).

If you're in Europe make sure you buy a copy! And if you're not, why not import? Please support what could be Kyle Hyde's last adventure!


Also, I'd especially like to thank L~A, and Pdonkeh for their help with the forum banner to celebrate Last Window's release. L~A wrote the questions in our interactive quiz. And Pdonkeh was kind enough to commission for us a Hotel Dusk style Game Show Host Edgeworth. You can check out Pdonkeh's gallery on her Deviant Art Page.


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September 17th, 2010

New GK2 info from TGS, 2010!

Information from TGS is rolling in, so in case you haven't been following the forum, here are the newest tidbits, spoiler free.

Official trailer with subtitles

Image of Edgeworth's new rival

Case 1 characters

Life sized Edgeworth doll!?

Current release date for Japan is Spring, 2011, which means the rest of us can probably expect it Spring 2012. Why is it so far away!?

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September 8th, 2010

Gyakuten Kenji 2!!!!

A scan off the latest Famitsu cover shows an announcement for a new Gyakuten game - Gyakuten Kenji 2! The whole magazine hasn't been leaked yet so that's all the info we have, but stay tuned, as more information is bound to surface soon.

Start your speculation, folks!

Nintendo Everything – New Ace Attorney Investigations game announced

EDIT: Here's a blurry scan that's been circulating. There's a clear scan of all four pages in the comments, will be on the site in a few minutes.

Yup, that's de Killer.

Fow now please contain your GK2 speculation to this forum thread. And USE TAGS!! This is just the first scan but already some people are not going to want to be spoiled as to what's on it. Spoiler Rules are in effect.

EDIT 2: Official Japanese GK2 site is already up!

EDIT 3: CR's News Page has been updated with information and full scans. Beware spoilers.

Edit 4: And here's the official TGS trailer

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September 2nd, 2010

Last Window holding at #3


Remember Last Window? That little game staring the Ex-Cop Kyle Hyde from Hotel Dusk? Apparently a lot of people outside of Europe do too. Last Window is currently holding the #3 most popular title at Play-Asia, beat only by the heavy weight Pokémon black and white titles.

Trip! That's not bad for getting all his ducks in a row.

And Last Window is coming out on the 17th. That's little more then two weeks from now. Again, unless you live in Europe this game "isn't" coming to a retail or online shop near you. So if you want this game, head on over to play-asia and preorder.

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August 27th, 2010

Ghost Trick gameplay article on Kotaku

Ghost Trick is playable at Gamescom, Kotaku has posted a article describing the demo.

It seems its the stage with the tulip-hair lady and her sick daughter. It's actually quite interesting and the game sounds quite complex.

Enjoy. :phoenix:

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August 26th, 2010

Last Window Trailer (French)


The Hyde-train just keeps on chugging, with a new full trailer for the French version of the game:

The trailer is part a translated version of the JP one and part gameplay footage.

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August 25th, 2010

Gyakusheets Performance Contest 2010 - Winners Announced!

I was blown away by the number of voters this year, with over 700 placing votes in the contest! The first, second and third place winners in each category are as follows:

1st Place - Keun et al - Godot's Theme (Fragrance of Dark Coffee) Orchestral
2nd Place - Bryce and Markham et. al - That Wriggling Piece of Plywood (Master Badger Esq.)
3rd Place - Nate Faro and Jackie - Berry Big Circus

1st Place - Lauz - Shi Long Lang - Speak Up Pup!
2nd Place - Adriana - Fragrance of Dark Coffee (Vocal)
3rd Place - Natalie - Phoenix Wright, Styles and Compilations.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everybody who put in an entry!

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August 25th, 2010

Last Window available for Pre-order at


Non-Europeans rejoice. (But the Europeans are free to rejoice as well!) Play Asia is finally accepting pre-orders for Hotel Dusk's sequel: Last Window: The Secret of Cape West.

I know I'm not waiting to get my order in. Don't miss out on what is very likely CiNG's last big hurrah!

Edit: There appears to be some confusion on the forums so allow me to clarify the details about Play Asia and Last Window in Europe.

#1. The DS is Region Free.
This means that you can play the European version of Last Window on your American DS. This was also the same case in the past with GS1 - GS3 DS in Japan with past releases. So no worries.

#2. The United Kingdom (England) is a part of Europe. Last Window is being released in English.
... and Italian, and Spanish, and German, and French. When you first got your DS you had to select your native Language. When you insert Last Window on your DS it'll automatically select English to play with, should you have English as your default Language.

#3. Last Window is NOT getting a North American Release
Nintendo of Europe is publishing Last Window, not Nintendo of America. Additionally, the only trademarks for Last Window reside in Europe (and Japan). Nintendo of America has done nothing to indicate that they are interested in publishing Last Window. Add to it that the last CiNG title released in the states, 'Again: Eye of Providence', was not published by Nintendo but Temco, and that the last Nintendo of Europe published CiNG title 'Another Code: R', was not released in America. There is every indication that Nintendo of America has no interest in bringing Last Window state-side.

Therefore the only way you are going to be able to play the game is either through Play-Asia, or if you've got a friend in Europe willing to help you smuggle the game out. The end.

#4. The game costs as much as a Wii Game
Yes, Yes it does. But consider first that the game has to be shipped from Europe, to the Pacific where Play-Asia is headquartered, and then from there to the States, the game is literally traveling the world to get to your door. Such is the tale of import titles.

Also consider that games in general are more expensive in Europe then in America. The DS titles for instance normally cost 34 Pounds new. When you convert that to USD the game costs $52.51; That's what they pay locally! The add that Play Asia is playing chess with shipping the title, and you've actually got a decent deal.

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August 20th, 2010

English Last Window site opens


Finally! The English site for Last Window is open!

It's by and large a translation of the Japanese site, with "Introduction", "Prologue", "Characters", "How to Play", "Novel", "Wallpaper", and "Music" sections.

There are a few name changes - Steve Wolf is now Tony Wolf, Dylan Fitcher is now Dylan Fitchar, and Nicole Reagan is now Claire Reagan. And the mysterious object Kyle's looking for is now the Scarlet Star.

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